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    Pillow Talk

    Pillow Talk


    Inflatable Pillows

    Oh you’re squeezing in a plus one are you? The Full Works comes with one pillow, so you’d better make your guest welcome with a spare or 2. Nobody likes to share pillows.

    This handy little pillow will fit in your pocket and inflate with a few breaths. 

    No more stuffing your sleeping bag with dirty clothes! 




  • Pump Pump Pump, Pump It Up! Pump Pump Pump, Pump It Up! Quick View
    Pump Pump Pump, Pump It Up!

    Pump Pump Pump, Pump It Up!


    'The Full Suite' comes with one but...been a bit generous with sharing on the campsite. You should know these things are never boomerangs.  No bother, we’ve accounted for mishaps, you can order a spare pump right here.

    This handy little electric pump can inflate your Happy Hobo in under 2 Minutes and 
    completely deflate it in even less, making it easy for you to pack it away in your tote bag.



    The Full Suite The Full Suite Quick View
    The Full Suite

    The Full Suite


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    Inflatable Car Mattress

    The full suite for ultimate comfort: Mattress, Electric car pump and Pillow with Happy Hobo tote for securely stowing away. 

    Just plug it in, pump it up and get some shut eye before tomorrow’s adventure.

    • Inflates in just 110 seconds. Faster than you can drink a beer?
    • Flocked on top and flip me over to see my plastic body
    • Powerful external pump, attaches to car cigarette lighter to both inflate and deflate.
    • Folds away quickly and  easily into the tote bag. Sit back and watch your pals wrestle with their tents.
    • Flip me upside down and i'm a couch! Perhaps a handy layback in the amphitheatre?
    • Pillow talk: included but you can add extra's for supreme comfort

      Inflatable Car Mattress and Sofa

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